Terms of Use

At Solopreneur School we have three simple rules:

  1. Be nice.
  2. Be curious.
  3. Be helpful.

If these sound like lessons you learned in kindergarten, you're right. These rules can stand on their own, but just in case you want an explanation, here's what we mean:

Rule # 1: Be Nice

Solopreneur School is a friendly environment for open and giving people. We believe in the basics, like good manners and common courtesy. People are here to learn, and we we're here to make that as easy as possible.

There is plenty of room here for "tough love" and constructive criticism. There is NOT room for hate speak, foul language  or bullying. Hopefully you know the difference between the two.

If you slip up because you're having a bad day, a warning may be in order. If you still can't play nice, we will kindly and emphatically ask you to move on.  Of course, egregious offenses like threats, racism and other personal attacks will result in an immediate and permanent exit from the community. Yes, we'll show violators the digital door. (Pleas don't make us do that!)

Rule #2: Be Curious

Solopreneurs tend to be lifelong learners, so this one shouldn't be a problem. You can sit on the sideline, reading and absorbing, or you can jump in and ask questions. Doing the latter makes this site better for everyone, so please participate!

We've designed Solopreneur School to be a safe place when you can set aside fear and uncertainly. Be unafraid and open to learning new things. Try something different and see what happens. Explore.

It's totally OK to ask "why" or "how" or "when," and if the answer doesn't make sense, ask again. That's why we're all here. Even the most seasoned solopreneurs have questions, and even the newest among us have answers. Which brings us to....

Rule #3: Be Helpful

When someone here asks for help, there is bound to be someone who can share past experiences, tips and advice. Don't hold back. Be generous.

There's a saying about how if you want to learn something, teach it. It's even better if you've lived it and can pass along what you learned. This community depends on both asking and answering, so we hope you'll share freely, whether you're just starting out of have years of experience under your belt.

How's That? Three simple rules for this community that we think apply quite nicely in life as well. Most any situation you encounter here can be covered by referring back to one of these.

If you have any doubts, please ask: Email or Call.

The Fine Print

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