Solopreneur Success Stories – Episode 4: Mastering Evolution

Jenny-Munn-Atlanta-SEO-ConsultantJenny Munn, SEO Consultant

As a new mom with 4 weeks of maternity leave left, our guest Jenny Munn found herself suddenly unemployed. What to do? Become a solopreneur, of course! In this episode of Solopreneur Success Stories, Jenny shares her 7-year journey in mastering evolution as she moved from layoff to freelance freedom.

She says, "Back in 2009, I decided to pursue my dream of opening my own business. I hung out my shingle as a freelance website copywriter and waited for the business to pour in. But it didn’t. Instead of a flood of business leads, I had a slow trickle."

Jenny tells us how she tried on a number of different career options, mastering evolution to find the perfect fit for her business. Once she found the SEO field, Jenny continued to transform her business. Today, she is a popular speaker, hosts regular SEO workshops, and still makes time to meet the kids at the bus after school.

Mastering Evolution

Solopreneur success topics we cover in this episode include:

  • Conquering fear to find your future
  • How to thrive by mastering evolution
  • Discovering your "drop the mic" moment

Learn more about Jenny:
Twitter: @JennyMunn
Facebook: JennyBonoMunn
LinkedIn: JennyMunn

Joey is the founder and CEO of Claravon Group and the creator of Solopreneur School. A consultant, business coach, speaker and author, Joey draws on her expertise in strategy, branding and marketing to help entrepreneurs accelerate growth and improve profits.

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