Impulsive Reactions Can Undermine Your Sales

We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation.Jane Fonda, Actress and Activist

Sales Tip: Next time you are about to talk about your product with someone, explain one powerful benefit of your product that you think she wants to her about and then ask, "Are you interested in hearing more?"

Selling is all about relationships

These four ways of interacting with a prospect give space to the humanity that is a part of sales.

  1. Pay attention to impulses
  2. Establish a way for a prospect to say "no"
  3. Drop the need to be right
  4. Make space for the prospect's idiosyncrasies 

Today, let's give focus to paying attention to the impulsive reactions that can undermine your sales results.

yelling-at-phone-tonya-harveyProspects can behave and speak in ways that cause us to want to react strongly. Nonetheless, some comments are best left unsaid to the prospect. There have been plenty of phone conversations that I wanted to yell at a rude prospect! However, there are much more subtle instances when it is important to pay attention to what impulses you have in a conversation.

Impulsiveness in discussions with prospects can take many forms. For example, you really want to make a point to your prospect and your finding it hard to stay quiet to listen OR you want to tell them why your product is what they need BEFORE they are ready to listen to what you offer.

I see many professionals who are super passionate about their product quickly talking about why their product is what the person needs because they heard their prospects say they were in a similar situation.

It seems logical that if the prospects are in a similar situation then that professional’s product is THE solution for them and the product must be what the prospects need, right?

So, I say this, “No.... not always.”

Actually, such a product is one, perhaps, very good, option among many and being passionate about products is good!

Here is what is happening… the conversation with the prospect is being rushed and the prospect is still undecided yet if that product is the solution that the prospects have been looking for in their businesses. When this truth is understood then catching any impulse to rush into telling prospects that you have their solution becomes easier for salespeople. This impulse is something all of us must watch for - even salespeople with lots of selling experience!

Paying attention to any impulses that arise in a sales conversation increases self-awareness in salespeople about HOW they are talking with their prospects. And, it increases the trust that prospects feel in sales conversations.

My team and I are committed to helping change some of the more damaging perceptions about selling because we believe that sales is a noble endeavor rather than a sleazy trade.

PS - Remember: Never negotiate out of fear and never fear to negotiate. Ask for what you want - you might just get it!

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Tonya Harvey grew up on Army posts around the U.S. Her career started in male dominated sales, where she learned all the sales tactics that are awkward for women. Today, the mission of her sales consultancy and training company is to “change views of selling.”

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