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Shine a little light on your business

While I was cooking dinner recently I realized I grabbed too many onions from the onion bag. Not needing it at the moment, I put the extra onion in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table.  A few days later, after sitting in the sunshine on the table, I noticed it had started to sprout. As…

When the USPTO speaks: One of two major types of Office Actions

There are lots of potential obstacles you can encounter during the application process of a trademark. These obstacles come in the form of Office Actions from the USPTO. Receiving an Office Action can sometimes, though not always, mean that registration is refused by the Examiner. In this post we’ll discuss one of two major reasons…

Social Media Updates You Need To Know

Use this 2:06 min. read to take advantage of these new social media updates. Social media is always changing. However, some updates are worthier of attention than others. Let’s look at recent updates from Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram that will impact your business. Facebook Live Four hour stream length – This extended length is a…

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