Who’s Driving Your Social Media Strategy?

Last month in Social Media for the New Entrepreneur, I introduced you to a basic framework for creating your first social media strategy using my 5W Strategy Process, Who/What/Where/Why/When.

This month I would like to start diving in to each of these five areas, walking you through the steps to create a powerful, clear, and proactive social media message that makes sense for you.

Let the Strategy Drive the Bus!

It is so easy to get lured in by the pretty, shiny social media tools. They all look fun to play with, and there are so many of them to explore! And although it is truly helpful to work with a social media platform that you are comfortable with, it may sorely miss the mark if it is not chosen to serve an already established strategy.

The Building Blocks of Social Media

Let me introduce you to two of the key building blocks of social media:

  1. Quality content
  2. Showing up in the right places

To best address these two fundamentals, you need to know everything you can about your WHO.

Who Dat?

On to our first of the 5W’s. The Who.

It’s imperative to remember that social media is a marketing tool. And marketing drives sales. Therefore social media for entrepreneurs is sales, and building the now infamous Like-Know-Trust so that your audience can make a purchasing decision.

For this reason, you will often hear me speak of social media in traditional sales terms and concepts. And the first of these is to know your target market.

In order to provide the highest quality of content and know where to look for your audience, you must know everything about them. Otherwise, you are simply posting information that YOU think is important and interesting.

Take the time now to do your research. You may believe you know your target market, but there is always more to learn about them. The better defined your target the easier it is to hit it!

The target market profile you create will prove most useful and powerful when you go beyond the obvious demographics of age, gender, income, and location. Look to include such things as shopping habits, where they hang out both virtually and physically, what other brands they patronize, and what influences their purchasing decisions.

Intimately knowing your target audience will provide the blueprint against which you will decide on all other aspects of your social media strategy.

5W Social Media Strategy Infographic



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