Spring into Webinars to Grow Your Solo Business

webinars work for solopreneurs

Webinars Work

Have you considered adding webinars (Internet-based seminars) to your solo business’s marketing strategy?

If so, you are not alone. In ever-increasing numbers (up 68% since 2012), companies of all sizes in many industries are viewing webinars as cost-effective marketing tools for reaching their target market and generating sales opportunities.

If your solo business needs to educate your target market to create demand, then a webinar could be a very effective part of your marketing mix. And the best news for small businesses is that webinars are one of the most effective—and least costly—ways to generate leads for your business. In fact, a Dec. 2014 Marketing Sherpa study found that while 92% of B2B marketers (of all sizes) consider webinars very effective or somewhat effective in driving content marketing, webinars still constitute only 6-10% of companies’ total marketing budgets.

So why should you consider adding webinars to your marketing mix? We suggest the following five reasons:

  1. To reach a wider audience than you could do in person

With an online presentation, you can expand your horizons by reaching an audience that’s beyond your immediate geographical area. If your offerings can be delivered and utilized on a regional, national or even international level, then there’s no reason not to open up your marketing online. Even if you focus on one geographical area such as metro Atlanta, a webinar can provide you with a way to present to multiple prospects without driving all over town. As I often tell clients: “If you could spend an hour delivering your sales presentation to one prospect or to 50 prospects, which would you choose?”

  1. To fit a limited marketing budget

As stated above, Webinars are one of the least expensive mediums for marketing, compared to more traditional marketing tactics such as direct mail, trade shows, online advertising, etc. There are some hard costs involved (such as a webinar hosting platform like GoToWebinar, Webex, etc.), however, the real cost of a webinar is the time and effort needed to prepare, deliver, and follow-up the webinar. For solopreneurs operating on a shoestring marketing budget, Webinars can be one of the least risky marketing ventures to quickly build up a base of qualified prospects.

  1. To build marketing content that you can repurpose

Once you have delivered and recorded your webinar presentation, take bite-sized pieces of your webinar slide show presentation and turn it into any of the following pieces of content that you can now use for nurturing your existing marketing database:

  • A short white paper or report summarizing key points—offer it as a free download in exchange for contact information
  • Blog posts
  • Series of posts on your personal LinkedIn profile, your company LinkedIn page, company Facebook page, etc.
  • FAQ: Turn your webinar attendees’ questions into a Frequently Asked Questions section on your Website
  • Post your presentation on Slideshare tagged with keywords
  1. To improve your search results

Today’s decision makers are information-gatherers and are already far along in the sales process when they engage with you.   If they are searching for information on a particular topic, your webinar content will be seen as highly relevant by Google and other search engines once the webinar is recorded and posted to your Website (and other content-sharing sites) with keyword tags. This online visibility, in turn, builds your credibility as an “expert” on that topic.

  1. To grow your email list

Need to reach more prospects with your email content? While promoting your Webinars in non-email channels such as social media or through referral partners (we highly recommend a partnering strategy to expand your webinar’s reach), you can also build up your email database. Add a checkbox for opting into your mailing list to your Webinar registration form, and now you have permission to send marketing emails beyond the Webinar.

We hope that we’ve convinced you by now that Webinars can be a highly effective marketing tool for your solo business. Need help getting started with webinars? Check out our guide: 5 P’s of a Successful Webinar. Here’s to your success online!

Tara Lamboley founded REV Demand in 2011 to help owners of B2B services organizations consistently generate enough qualified leads to achieve the sales success they envisioned when starting out in business.

Tara first saw the power of Webinars as a sales rep who received a flood of qualified prospects every time her company’s Marketing department conducted a Webinar. Sine then, she has helped numerous clients and referral partners conduct their own successful “Ready to Go Webinars.”

To contact Tara, visit www.revdemand.com, email tara@revdemand.com, or call (770) 856-2087

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