Why Live Streaming App Periscope is Good for Biz

you should be on periscope

Me, on Periscope?

I know, not another thing. Not another platform. Not something else to do!  You're a business owner and you have less time than what it takes to cook ramen. Adding another thing to your plate is not something you look forward to. But trust me, Periscope will change how you view your business and even how you do business.

There are 3 reasons why I say everyone should do Periscope. (And I haven't recommended everyone do something in a looooong time except maybe create your social media strategy). These 3 reasons support other areas of your business that you have to excel in to stay in business.

Periscope will change how you view your business and even how you do business. - Tamay Shannon @where2start Click To Tweet

1. Asking for the sale

Periscope is a new platform and thus not everyone is familiar with how it works. Because it is new it is up to you to be a steward. You'll have to ask for hearts, ask for shares, ask viewers to invite followers. (It's not the same as asking on Twitter or Facebook!) Asking for these things on Periscope is not begging - it's showing people how they can support you. And people want to support you!

This is great practice if you are uncomfortable asking for anything from potential clients and partners. On Periscope you'll practice asking complete strangers to take action, and to take another action, and to take even more action. Once you get comfortable with asking complete strangers to show you love and share your scope you'll be comfortable asking potential clients and partners to support you.

This works because you have to trust in your expertise and what you have to offer.

2. Perfecting your pitch

Sharing your story is how you get business. If you don't talk about yourself and what you offer no one will know they can buy from you! Periscope is a great opportunity to speak about yourself in a variety of ways and get immediate feedback. If people ask more questions, then you know you have piqued interest. This is a great opportunity for practice if you stumble when people ask you what you do. On Periscope you can speak about different aspects of your business and see what resonates with the audience. This works because there are always moments to share your story in different ways.

3. Being confident in who you are

We all fall prey in the comparison game. "I'm not as good as...." "I don't do that....." "Why does everyone....." Showing up on Periscope, on a regular basis, will show you that people love what you have to say. That it has a profound impact, and that your contribution is significant and important. Without you there is no "your perspective" and without that someone is not getting what they need. Periscope is a great opportunity to share your perspective and gain confidence. This works because people are looking for their tribe. They are looking for people they can trust and turn to when they need your expertise.

But I bet you're probably curious about how to jump on Periscope. Well, if you are already on Twitter it's extremely easy, and if you are not on Twitter it's easy. First, download the app on your phone or tablet. It is available on Android and iOS. When you sign up it will ask you to sign into your Twitter account and you will be ready to go. If you do not have a twitter account you will be asked to use your phone number to create an account. Then you can hit record and you're live!

So in reality, you don't NEED to do Periscope. It is just another thing added to your plate. However, if you are struggling with any of the issues above Periscope is a great platform to get comfortable and get practice. And as you read this last paragraph and come up with excuses - they are another reason to jump on Periscope. You're right - it's not going to be perfect, you will make mistakes, and you might even be nervous. But you're in business to make a difference and you cannot make that impact being the same person you are today. So hit record, share your message, and grow your brand!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." — Albert Einstein

Tamay Shannon's goal in life is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. She is an experienced social media strategist who has helped numerous entrepreneurs and small businesses develop and execute strategic marketing plans. Through her educational training, she developed a love for communication, especially marketing through social media. Her passion for small business is only mirrored by the business owners themselves. She loves the tools that social media is an what it can provide to small business owners.

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