Social Media Updates You Need To Know

Use this 2:06 min. read to take advantage of these new social media updates.
Social media is always changing. However, some updates are worthier of attention than others. Let's look at recent updates from Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram that will impact your business.

Facebook Live

Four hour stream length - This extended length is a great opportunity to broadcast a workshop, online module, or class, to a wider audience. This update allows you share your expertise on a platform that Americans spend 40 min. on daily.

Schedule broadcasts - You can't build anticipation without setting a time. This update allows you to build buzz around your upcoming shows and programs. Much like television, people turn in at a specific time for a specific show. You now have the opportunity to be that show.

Full screen video - If your business has opportunities for great pictures such as interior design, stylist, makeup artists, etc, then this update is for you.  This update allows you to take advantage of the amazing screen quality of smart phones by making videos full screen.

Cohost - Sometimes it's hard to fill the space by yourself. This update will allow you to have a cohost who is not in the same location as you. This is a great way to keep people engaged and the conversation lively. Also, it helps to moderate comments when you have help.


Highlights - This update creates quick teasers from your scopes. This gives a fuller experience of your scope for replay viewers than just your title. This can leverage your use of cue cards on screen to pull people into watching the full scope.

Permanent Save - By using this update strategically you can create a brand story from your saved scopes. This allows people to follow you and see some of your best content. You also don't have to worry about having a great broadcast and not being able to use it again.

Stories - Talked about as the Snapchat killer, this update allows you to share images and video that do not last longer than 24 hours. This is a great way to share facets of your brand that are relevant but don't have a major impact on your brand story as a whole. For example, while you might share a picture of an event your are sponsoring that appears on your time line. You can share a story about the setup and take down that only lasts 24hours.

Business accounts - The greatest thing about this update is the analytics it introduces and the introduction of a contact button. These two updates will allow you to take actions based on data and not what seems to be working. This alone will hone your ROI, giving your more results with less effort.

These are NOT the last changes you will see on these platforms. However, these social media updates are the ones that will have an impact on your business NOW.  Take the time to explore how you can use them and implement one update today.

Tamay Shannon's goal in life is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. She is an experienced social media strategist who has helped numerous entrepreneurs and small businesses develop and execute strategic marketing plans. Through her educational training, she developed a love for communication, especially marketing through social media. Her passion for small business is only mirrored by the business owners themselves. She loves the tools that social media is an what it can provide to small business owners.

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