What to Write About: A Social Media Content Primer for Solopreneurs

Social Media Content

The 5W’s of Social Media

Part 3 in the Series (If you missed them, Read Part 1 or Part 2)

There is no lack of wonderful information available online to assist you in writing great social media content. Everything from how to craft catchy headlines, choose and include keywords, and setting yourself up for great SEO, not to mention how to ‘go viral’!

However, when you are first getting started with your social media, there are several things worth keeping in mind as you march forward with high hopes that your content will be gobbled up by anxious readers:

1. Do Not Fall Into The Comparison Trap!

It is easy to put a sometimes sub-conscious expectation on your social media content, reach, and effectiveness that pits you against the folks that show up in your own email inbox and on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds every day. There’s a reason they show up that way. They’ve been working the process, trying, failing, adjusting, creating, and trying again for a long time. So remember, way back when they started out right where you are now!

When you have a healthy and realistic expectation and a long term plan to build your social media presence, it will alleviate much of the stress of content creation and put you in the right frame of mind to get excited and creative in putting out information that is wanted, useful, and appreciated.

2. The Easiest Way to Find Out What Your Audience Wants Is to Ask Them!

Don’t assume you know what your audience wants to hear. A simple survey asking your followers what information they would appreciate will not only give you a great starting place, it will lay the foundation for a two-way social media relationship with your audience. Three free tools I recommend are Survey Monkey), Survey Gizmo, and Questioner.

Of course, the flip side of this equation is ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’. So balance your content with equal parts what they ask for and what you can offer them they may not have had thought to ask for! After all, you are their expert!

3. Use Your Own Voice

There’s very little out there that is uniquely original when it comes to content. What is original is YOU! The way you think, communicate, how you put the information together and how you package it for others is what will draw people to you and your content. So go ahead and let your mini-freak-flag-fly and be yourself. It’s the best way to attract your perfect tribe!

4. Create a Story

Go ahead and assume that your audience will stay with you over time. While each post must stand on it’s own, it can be part of a larger storyline. This serves several purposes:

  • It encourages people to go back and read what you have already written and stay tuned to hear what is coming next.
  • It allows you to provide more value as you can break larger topics into bite sized pieces making the information more user friendly.
  • It gives you multiple topics on which to write and an outline to follow, decreasing your time commitment and increasing the quality of your writing.

An easy and effective place to begin is to 1). Choose one topic from your research and your offerings. 2). Break the topic down into 2 – 4 sub-topics or detailed steps. 3). Schedule these sub-topics one for each week. 4). Follow each week’s theme to create your posts.

An Example:

Chosen Topic:

How Entrepreneurs Can Effectively and Painlessly Improve Their Productivity

Series of Posts:

  • The Top 10 Free and Low Cost Productivity Tools for Solopreneurs
  • Five Things You Just Think You Need to be Doing
  • When (and How) to Hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Block Scheduling, Planning and Scheduling Your Work Week

Each of these post topics will provide a framework for a series of posts for your week. This is when it actually becomes fun. You can choose quotes, links to resources, pictures, graphics, video clips and ties to your services and products that address this topic.

In this way, your social media is focused, sending a clear message, representing who you and your brand are, and providing quality information that will keep people coming back for more!

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Abby Hirsch Phillips is a creative business strategist, marketing maven and productivity specialist. Her business, Go From Passion To Profit, aligns entrepreneurs’ visions and dreams with practical, actionable strategies that make sense and make money.

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