Social Media: Set and Succeed in 2017

It's the time of year when business owners sit down with a cup of tea, goals, and a pile of paper to plan a successful 2017. We are going to create your Set & Succeed Plan for social media.

To have a successful year, it is important to have personal and professional goals that inspire you and call you to action.

Another important thing is creating structures for fulfillment.   In creating your goals for 2017 you will probably use social media. If you haven't looked at how social media is integrated into your plan this is a great time to do it.

Set Goals

When you are creating your plan it's important to know the goals for your business. It is also important to know how you want social media to impact those goals.  For example, will social media be a tool for brand awareness? List building? Engagement and conversation?

When you understand your goals it is easier to create content and commit time to this small business tool.

Set KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are metrics that let you know if you are trending toward your goals or not. When you create KPIs for your business it is important to correlate your business goals to the correct KPI.

First, if you have any, you want to look at your KPIs for this year and see if, when you met those goals, were your business goals also fulfilled? If they were and you want to choose those same goals, great! If they were not reflective of your goals be sure to look at the chart below.

The second important thing, when choosing KPIs, for your business is to make sure your measurements have numbers attached to them.  For example,  "I want more people to like my posts" does not give you the ability to measure your success.  While a "25% increase in people liking my post" does.

Use the chart below to understand what actions on social media drive business objectives.

Social Media KPIs

Set Actions

What actions are you going to take to drive the results you want? Speaking? Vending events? Tweetchats? Emails? Facebook ads? There are a million ways you can accomplish your goals. Pick the ones you want to focus on and plan them out in your calendar for maximum effectiveness.

Set Check-Ins

Now, you have your measurements for success it is a great time to schedule your monthly checkins. Once you know the numbers you are trying to reach create a spreadsheet to keep track from month to month. Then set a repeating date with your numbers in your calendar now.


You have created your structures for fulfillment. It might not seem like a lot but that's the great thing about social media. You'll get a huge ROI if you create your plan and work your plan. That's why you can do it.

Tamay Shannon's goal in life is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. She is an experienced social media strategist who has helped numerous entrepreneurs and small businesses develop and execute strategic marketing plans. Through her educational training, she developed a love for communication, especially marketing through social media. Her passion for small business is only mirrored by the business owners themselves. She loves the tools that social media is an what it can provide to small business owners.

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