Holiday Hashtags

How to use Holiday Hashtags

It's the month of hashtags!

However, these are not just any hashtags. These are hashtags that will give you a profit bump and introduce you to new customers.

One of the best ways to use these hashtags is to build anticipation. What is your store offering and why is it any different? Why should people hop on at 12:01am to buy from you? Taking the time to create great offers will grow your brand beyond the holiday season.


What: This hashtag is great for anyone to use. It officially starts the holiday shopping season.

Who: Any kind of business can take advantage of this hashtag.

Example 1: If your business can't take advantage of high volume sales, such as a coffee shop, you can leverage the hashtag as a place for busy and tired shoppers to rest. For example, you can run location-based ads on Facebook that target people who are in retail locations near you.

Example 2: If your business can take advantage of the rush, create bundles with your products. This would be a good time to give exposure to your lesser known products and services.

Why: People actively look for deals on #BlackFriday. This is a great time to reactivate your current customers and reach out to new customers who are looking for a unique gift. In addition, you can grow your brand exposure.

#SmallBusinessSaturday and/or #ShopSmall

What: A movement created by American Express to encourage people to "shop local" during the holiday season.

Who: The businesses that benefit the most from this hashtag are the brick and mortars. While an online business can take advantage you have to work a bit harder.

Example 1: If you have a physical store you can get a lot of free swag from American Express. Make sure your regular customers know you are participating and get the businesses around you to participate as well. You could create a #ShopSmall Crawl for your area where people scavenger hunt through various stores to win prizes!

Example 2: If you do not have a physical location you can find a store that sells complimentary products to yours and host a pop-up shop inside. This will expose you to new customers that you can redirect back to your online space. An added benefit of doing this is you can take pictures of your product "in the wild" to use for later marketing efforts.

Why: The shop local movement is one that many people are passionate about. People want things that are unique and different. Not something that anyone can get anywhere.


What: Created for people who have online businesses as a way to drive traffic for online shopping.

Who: Great for people who have online businesses. Can also be used by people who have physical locations who also have an eCommerce store.

Example 1: If you have a physical store and want to launch or grow traffic to your eCommerce store, this is a great time to do it. When people come into your business on #BlackFriday or #ShopSmall, this is a perfect opportunity to hand them #CyberMonday deals and have it posted in the store. In addition, you can have people sign up for your email list to share the deals that way.

Example 2: If you are an eCommerce store this is a great time to double down. Not everyone wants to stand in line and wait, in fact, 105 Billion is expected to be spent online this year during the holiday season. To grow your sales you have to make sure people know what your #CyberMonday specials are and why they should buy from you.

Why: Online shopping used to be a novelty. Now, it is a way of life for some. By tapping into that market and providing them with equally thrilling deals as #BlackFriday you gain their loyalty and access to their social network.

Whether you take advantage of one hashtag or all three, know that any type of business can participate. Don't think it's true? Comment below to share what your business is, and I'll offer hashtag suggestions for you.

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