Welcome to Solopreneur School

We're so glad you're here!

Whether you stumbled in after a roundabout adventure or landed here through a purposeful quest, we're thrilled to have you.

Solopreneur School is all about learning to run a thriving, profitable business--on your own terms. Our members come from across the world and all walks of life. Everyone who shares the dream of solo entrepreneurship is welcome to join.

As you engage in this community you'll meet:

  • Refugees from corporate the corporate world and "recovering" attorneys, CPAs and consultants.
  • Creative types (writers, photographers, designer, developers) who freelance for fun and profit.
  • Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers who share the goal of working independently.
  • Adventurous, globetrotting folks who want to work on their own, from where ever they are.
  • Moms and Dad who want more time for family, or need to create a flexible, abundant life.
  • People of purpose, looking for ways to create a legacy and make a difference.

Together, we support and educate each other on the best ways to create a vibrant, profitable company that supports an abundant, satisfying lifestyle. We'll work hard, celebrate successes, mourn the setbacks, motivate you and teach you to THRIVE.

Ready? Bring your sense of adventure and come along, Solopreneur School is officially OPEN!

Joey is the founder and CEO of Claravon Group and the creator of Solopreneur School. A consultant, business coach, speaker and author, Joey draws on her expertise in strategy, branding and marketing to help entrepreneurs accelerate growth and improve profits.

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