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but since you're curious, here's a bit about us:

Solopreneur School was created by Joellyn Ferguson to help passionate entrepreneurs forge a path to success. Joellyn is an established solopreneur in her own right. She founded Artfully Blessed as a sideline e-commerce business in 2009. A year later, she left her job as a Chief Marketing Officer and struck out on her own for good.

After listening to the frustrations of many struggling solopreneurs though her consulting work, Joellyn realized that members of the "freelance nation" had a compelling need for practical, actionable advice on how to start, run and grow an independent business.

With more and more people launching solo enterprises—some out of desire and others by necessity—she was inspired to create a solution. Solopreneur School was born.

Our Mission

It's hard for budding moguls and mavens to know where to get the best advice. Information is everywhere, but choosing an experienced guide who you can trust is difficult. Even established solopreneurs sometimes struggle to find a supportive community of peers.

It's our mission to change that.

We're here to help you thrive!

Solopreneur School is a reliable information source, a global community, and a supportive destination for solopreneurs at all stages of business. Joellyn and her team want you to succeed on your own terms and build a business you love.

That's why we offer comprehensive business consulting and coaching services. Read our blog for timely articles on topics like growth, financing, branding, marketing, and strategy. Connect with others in our growing community of solopreneurs. Build your network, and your business.

S2 Blogger Breakfast
The original Solopreneur School bloggers: (L-R) Andy Jordan, Michael Duba, Deborah Daniel, John Ray, Joey Ferguson, Phil Jurvael, Sonia Lakhaney, Tonya Harvey

We're veterans, not wannabes

We're not making it up as we go along. All of our expert bloggers have earned their chops with real-world experience. Our collective credentials include several MBAs and other advanced degrees, professional certifications, decades in the corporate world, and award-winning talent.

Check out the impressive profiles of our bloggers and see what we mean.

We're listening

If you can't find an answer here, let us know. We listen to your input and evaluate all suggestions for future articles and other content. Have a comment, complaint, or compliment? Tell us about it.

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